Malaysia: No debris at spot shown on China images- Wentworth Worldwide Limited

Global News Update

Malaysia: No debris at spot shown on China images

.Malaysia Defends Search for Missing Jet

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Planes sent Thursday to check the spot where Chinese satellite images showed possible debris from the missing Malaysian jetliner found nothing, Malaysia’s civil aviation chief said, deflating the latest lead in the six-day hunt.

“There is nothing. We went there, there is nothing,” Azharuddin Abdul Rahman told reporters in Kuala Lumpur.

Adding to the mystery, The Wall Street Journal reported that U.S. investigators suspect the plane flew on for four hours once it lost contact…

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Who pays most income taxes? People 45 and up- Wentworth Worldwide Limited


taxes over 45

American society may be youth-obsessed. But when it comes to funding what Americans expect their government to do for them, props go to people who are middle aged and older.

Nearly half of all tax filers are over 45. And they are paying the lion’s share of federal income tax revenue — 74% in 2011. That’s up from 61% in 1997, according to an analysis of IRS data by the Tax Foundation.


The biggest jump during that time period was among 55- to 65-year-olds. Their share of income taxes paid rose 9 percentage points.

That shouldn’t be too surprising.

“It’s largely a function of the life cycle that drives those numbers,” said Roberton Williams, a fellow at the Tax Policy Center.

For one thing, a large portion of the population has gotten older since 1997. The youngest of the Baby Boomers are now on the cusp of 50.

Related: Unlike 1960s, singles make up…

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HTC One M8 Review- Wentworth Worldwide Limited

Technology today and tomorrow

HTC One M8 Review- Wentworth Worldwide Limited

htc_review_lifestyle-623-80 the new “HTC ONE M8”

I’d hate to be a phone designer these days, trying to achieve unique and exciting features in a jaw dropping package for what is essentially a screen with some extra bits and pieces surrounding it.

So it’s all the more impressive that HTC, fresh from making the best-looking phone of 2013, has managed to make the HTC One (M8), a phone crammed full of power and great features while improving the design that won it so many accolades.

The poor naming aside, the One (M8) is a phone that takes the superb DNA of last year’s device, improves it in nearly every area and then packs it full of all the latest technology…and still finds space to pack in a microSD card slot.

On top of that the chassis has been retooled to now be made of 90%…

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New HTC One (M8) Smartphone- Wentworth Worldwide Ltd

Smart Phone and Apps

It’s available in silver, gold, or gunmetal gray.



It’s also — what’s the technical term? — huge. Isn’t it strange, the way the world has decided that we now want big phones? For years, we longed for the tiny cellphones they have in Japan.

Huge is good when you’re using a cellphone (think about maps, photos, email, and movies).

But huge is bad when you’re just carrying it. The M8, at 6.3 ounces, weighs 26 percent more than the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5, and 57 percent more than the iPhone 5s. It’s one heavy beast.


Everybody’s buzzing this week about the new Android smartphone from HTC, called the HTC One (M8). More than one reviewer is calling it the best Android phone ever made. Maybe the best phone ever made.

To assess those rabid claims, you have to ask a few questions before you even open the package. What makes a…

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Samsung Launches ‘Smart Home’ That Connects Appliances with Smartphones, Tablets-Wentworth Worldwide Limited



Starting in South Korea and the U.S. on Tuesday but soon rolling out globally, consumers will be able to connect and control appliances, TVs, smartphones, and tablets with little more than an app.

Samsung first demonstrated the system and its possibilities at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, and while it has taken the company only three months to go from showcase to showroom, the future of the connected home isn’t here just yet.

Although downloading and setting up the Android smartphone app will give consumers control over a host of devices, said devices need to be compatible; the app won’t start magically controlling the refrigerator that’s been standing in the kitchen for the past five years.

However, if you’re prepared to upgrade to the latest Samsung double-door smart fridge (the T9000), then you’ll be able to operate it while at work, shut it down remotely while on holiday, and adjust its temperature. Likewise, if your washing machine is the latest Samsung model, then you’ll be able to program wash and spin cycles to coincide with arriving home from the office.

Samsung says all of its 2014 model smart TVs will also work with the app and that before the end of the year, functionality will extend to cover its new range of smart lightbulbs and its upcoming smart oven, too.

“We are excited that the launch of Samsung Smart Home makes the connected home a reality today and allows our customers to live a smarter life,” said Dr. Won-Pyo Hong, president and head of the Media Solutions Center at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung Smart Home lets people live better, worry less, and be smarter with their devices and appliances. We also have grand plans to enhance more and more parts of the home experience, especially with a view of expanding it to areas with high-growth potential such as home safety and energy management.”

However, that’s for the future. The development of the connected home and its supporting technologies is still at a very early stage, yet, unlike a lot of other tech developments on the horizon — such as Google Glass — consumers appear to be excited about the prospect of the Internet of Things and about homes filled with smarter appliances.

According to a Wi-Fi Alliance report into the subject published in January to coincide with CES, three-quarters of U.S. consumers believe that all homes will soon be equipped with smart technology, and 93 percent believe that having full remote control of the appliances and systems in their homes will have a positive impact on their daily lives.


The Best New Features in Spotify’s Big Redesign – Wentworth Worldwide Limited


Well, look who got a makeover.

Spotify revealed a slick, redesigned platform for its mobile and desktop apps Wednesday. Along with the new, darker look comes a list of improved features that Spotify says will help listeners more easily organize and discover music.

The updated design will arrive on the Spotify website, desktop player, and iPhone app for all listeners in the coming days.  

Spotify, for newcomers, is a music streaming service that gives you on-demand access to over 20 million songs across multiple devices in exchange for a monthly fee or audio ads. 


This is Spotify’s first redesign since it launched in 2008, which is kind of like 50 years in Internet time. According to director of product development Michelle Kadir, Spotify spent several months testing the new look with a select group of its subscribers.

“We sat down with our users and watched them use it,” Kadir told Yahoo Tech. “We asked them to use metaphors to describe it. Someone said, ‘It feels like I’m in a BMW.’ ”

OK, a luxury sports car it is not. But the new version is without a doubt a great improvement on a product that many have come to use for their daily listening needs.

Take our hand as we guide you through Spotify’s newest features.


Navigate more easily

Spotify’s new design is much more understated than the aging gray Winamp knockoff we were operating before. It features simplified display screens, curved buttons and icons, oversized Helvetica lettering, and responsive gray shading that pops every time you run your cursor over art. Where there was once scarcely an image or a legible string of text on our desktop players, there’s now bright splashy album artwork and titles.

The most obvious change of all, however, is the color: It’s all black,everything. After surveying Spotify listeners, Kadir said her team found that people wanted a more immersive experience. Having a bright glowing computer in a dark room might take away from, not add to, a listener’s experience. And so Spotify painted it black. 

Save music faster
Up until now, if you wanted to set aside an album, you were forced to save it to a collection of playlists. That could sometimes result in a cluttered music selection when you were on the go and looking for something to listen to real quick. The new Spotify separates playlists from your regular music collection, allowing you to save any song or album you dig with a feature called Your Music.


This organizational tool, which lives in the left column of your web player above your playlists, automatically organizes whatever music you choose to save in your catalog. To store an album, you’ll need to click the Save button that’s featured next to a record (as you can see below).


To save songs, you’ll have to click the + next to the track, which you can find to the right of a song …


… or in the bottom-right corner of the artwork in the Now Playingbox on the left of your player. (Use Fiona Apple’s single arrow tear to guide you.)


Once a track or album is saved, it’s automatically filtered into a separate library, which you can sort or search by artist, title, recently added tracks, or recently played tracks. 


To the amateur music collector, the Your Music feature might seem repetitive. Why create a whole separate drawer when you could have everything in one easy-to-access stream bin? But if you’ve spent your past life thumbing through rows of CDs at Tower Records, a separate spot for your favorite recordings offers the illusion that you’re building a tangible music collection. You’ve put time into jumping from genre to genre, and you want to feel like that work has paid off. Not to mention, because Spotify offers a lot of remastered or edited versions of tracks, saving just the right version or year of a song is often clutch for hardcore fans.

Find music for your mood
In many ways, Spotify is lagging in the race to offer you the most personalized music suggestions. Earlier this year, Dr. Dre’s Beats streaming service made a splash with a platform that analyzed its subscribers’ past music collection, age, and gender to offer up ultra-tailored song recommendations. Another streaming service, Songza, just partnered with The Weather Company to fine-tune its suggestions based on subscribers’ local forecasts.

Now Spotify has revamped its Browse section to suggest music based on the time of day and country.

So if it’s before 7 a.m. on a weekday, for example, a playlist inBrowse might give you a soundtrack for your dreary morning rituals. These compilations, however cool they sound in concept, are not always pulled off as elegantly as you might hope. Tuesday’s April Fools’ compilation, for example, was literally just a list of songs that contained the word “fool” in the title. 


Though the Browse feature isn’t quite as all-knowing or precise as others, Kadir says that it does learn your preferences over time.

“The more we know about the user’s likes and dislikes, the more fine-tuned the playlist,” she said.  

And that, my friend, is the new Spotify in a nutshell. The updated design and features will roll out gradually to everyone’s desktop, iPhone apps, and web players starting Wednesday. Happy listening.


US accuses China of provoking Philippines – Wentworth Worldwide Limited


A China Coast Guard ship (top) and a Philippine supply boat engage in a stand off as the Philippine boat attempts to reach the Second Thomas Shoal, a remote South China Sea a reef claimed by both countries, on March 29, 2014 (AFP Photo/Jay Directo )


Washington (AFP) – The United States criticized China as provocative Monday after its coast guard tried to block a Philippine vessel that was rotating troops in the tense South China Sea.

The attempted Chinese blockade, which led to a two-hour standoff with the Philippine ship, is “a provocative and destabilizing action,” State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf told reporters.

Harf said that the Philippines had permission to resupply troops to the remote reef, the Second Thomas Shoal, because it has kept a naval presence there since before a 2002 declaration of conduct in the South China Sea.

“As a treaty ally of the Republic of the Philippines, the United States urges China to refrain from further provocative behavior by allowing the Philippines to continue to maintain its presence at Second Thomas Shoal,” she said.

The incident was the latest in the South China Sea, where China claims a vast area that overlaps with several neighbors’ claims.

On March 9, China successfully turned away a similar resupply boat from the Philippines.

The United States has been warning China against taking more drastic action in the South China Sea after it declared an air defense identification zone in November over much of the East China Sea, including islands administered by Japan.

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